Q&A - June 9, 2020 election

Questions & Answers about the June 9, 2020 Presidential Preference/General Primary/NonPartisan Election

Q: If I voted early or by mail before the March 24, 2020 PPP was postponed, does my vote still count? 

A: YES! All ballots are being held securely and will be counted on election night, June 9, 2020, along with all the other ballots for the June 9 election.

Q: If I voted in March, do I still vote in June?

A: Yes. If you voted in March, you voted only for the Presidential Preference Primary candidates. June’s election will be the General Primary for federal, state, and local candidates, along with nonpartisan races.

Q: What happens if I did not vote in March?

A: If you did not get the chance to early vote or vote by mail for the original March 24 PPP, your ballot for the June 9 election will contain the PPP race, along with the General Primary and Nonpartisan races.

Q: Will I receive an absentee ballot application to vote by mail?

A: The State is sending out absentee ballot applications to all active voters in the State. However, if you do not receive one, you can CLICK HERE to print out and complete an application.

Q: I have already submitted an absentee ballot application for the May 19 election; do I need to submit a new one for the June 9th election?

A:  No, that application is still good for the June 9th election.

Q: How do we get the completed application back to the elections office?  

A: You can mail it to Morgan County Elections & Registration office, 434 Hancock Street, Madison, GA 30650; you can scan (or take a clear picture) of the application and email it to absentee@morgancountyga.gov; or you can drop it in our drop box by the front door of our office.

Q: Can I still register to vote for the June 9 election?

A: Yes, the voter registration deadline for the June 9 election is May 11. Go to MY VOTER PAGE to register online.

Q: What is the deadline to submit an absentee ballot application?

A: June 5th is the deadline, but you want to submit an application as early as possible for us to mail the ballot and give you time to return your voted ballot by 7:00p.m. on June 9th.

Q: I'm not elderly or disabled, but I still want to vote.

A:  Georgia does not require a reason to vote absentee by mail.  Section 10 on the application is only to determine eligibility to receive ballots by mail for the rest of the election cycle without having to submit another application. If you are an elderly, disabled, or UOCAVA voter, you can check off on Section 10, and we will send your ballots by mail for the rest of the election cycle (General Primary Runoff, General Election, and General Election Runoffs).

Q:  Do I need to fill out my phone number and/or email address in Section 6 of the application?

A:  You do not have to, but we would love it if you would! Sometimes voters mark too many ballot types or none at all, or they forget to sign the application.  Having a quick way to contact you would help us process your application quicker.

When you fill out an absentee ballot application, please make sure you choose a ballot type (Democratic, Republican, or Nonpartisan) and sign the application.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose Nonpartisan, you will ONLY have judicial races (State Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and local judges) on your ballot.  There will be NO Democratic or Republican races on your ballot (US Senate, State Senate, State Representative, local races, etc.). 

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call our office at 706-343-6311 or email me at jdoran@morgancountyga.gov.

Jennifer Doran, Elections Supervisor