Tax Assessor


The Morgan County Board of Assessors’ office is charged with the responsibility of valuing all real and personal property in Morgan County for taxation purposes. The appraisal staff coordinates the specialized assessment programs offered by the state and homestead exemptions applications are filed here.


  • Maintain all public records for all real and personal property for tax purposes
  • Provide a location sheet for a building permit on new construction
  • Maintain all records of transfer of property owners
  • Manage applications for homestead exemption (regular, senior, disabled veterans, survivors of disabled veterans, surviving spouse of U.S service member killed in action, or surviving spouse of a peace officer or firefighter killed in the line of duty)
  • Handle all applications for Conservation Use, FLPA, and Historic Properties through the Specialized Assessment Department
  • Maintain a database of all timber harvested properties
  • Provide a listing of recent property sales
  • Investigate savings given by specialized assessments and homestead exemptions
  • Assess property value appeals
  • Collect and maintain parcel data for accurate GIS mapping


The Morgan County Board of Assessors’ office is constantly inspecting property within the county. The field appraisers will have identification and be driving a county vehicle.

The Morgan County Board of Assessors meets every fourth Wednesday at 9:00 am in the BOC Administration Building 2nd Floor Board Room.

The Morgan County Board of Assessors has added a copy of the current year Assessment Notice to each taxable parcel. This can be found on the Morgan County Qpublic site under parcel information, beneath the values at the bottom of the page.