Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Firefighters

Morgan County Fire Rescue consists of 16 stations and 70 volunteers who give of their time and talents to serve this community.

If you are interested in being a part of this dynamic group of individuals, we welcome you.

Being a volunteer provides individuals with a sense of community. Volunteers serve THEIR communities all while giving back to the citizens and the places they call "home." Volunteers incentives include quarterly training pay based on calls ran and training attendance. Volunteers are also eligible for the Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund once they have been on the department for 6 months. Visit the Georgia Firefighters Pension Fund website.

To begin the volunteer application process, interested persons should attend 2 training nights (meetings) at the fire station closest to their residence. After attending 2 meetings, then the applicant should call and set up an appointment to review the process and receive an application.

Application Process

The application process includes:

  • Criminal and Georgia driver's background check
  • A physical and medical affidavit
  • A physical agility test
  • Orientation

Following the application process there is an interview with a panel of fire chiefs. Once approved then the volunteer must maintain training hours that correspond to their position within the department.

Initial training hours per position include:

  • Firefighter - 200+ hours (available twice a week from 6-10 p.m.)
  • EMR - 80 hours (courses and ride along)
  • Support - 40 hours

Volunteer Today and Make A Difference in Your Community!

Contact Morgan County Fire Rescue 706-343-6503 for an appointment or visit us in person at:

1380 Monticello Road
Madison, GA 30650